Marianne's Marriage of Convenience

Excerpt from Marianne's Marriage of Convenience
by Lynna Banning
Harlequin Historicals, July 2018


            "Lance, I have inherited a business out in Oregon, but I have to be married in order to claim it. So I need to know if you will marry me."

            His frown deepened. "What sort of business, Marianne?"

            "I don't know what kind yet, but it doesn't matter. It will be mine."

            He gave her a long look. "And mine," he pointed out, "if we get married."

            "Oh. Yes, I suppose so."

            He pinned her with penetrating blue eyes. "You really want to go to Oregon? I hear it's a pretty wild frontier out there."

            "Yes, I most certainly do."

He planted himself in front of her and stuffed both hands in the back pockets of his jeans. She waited, holding her breath until she thought she might pop.

            Finally, finally, his lips opened. "The answer is No."

            "But-- "

            "Marianne, I guess you didn't hear me. I said No."

            She stared up at him for a full minute. "Well," she said, her voice quiet, "in that case I have something to show you that may change your mind."